Arcane legions a rising shadow online

Jonric: How are you planning to handle the audio elements? Will the music, sound and voice acting be done in-house or outside?

Iain McNeil: We're working with a great composer called Mike Rubino on the score. We've worked with him before, and the quality is excellent.
We never try to go head to head against other big developers, but try and add a twist to make ourselves stand out... it's the smaller companies like us that are forced to be innovative and try out new things.

We've not arranged sound effects yet, but will need to buy those in. We have a small team, and outsource everything except the core game development. There will be too much dialogue to record it all, so we're planning to record voiceovers for the key story segments, and play this back with in-engine movies to build the atmosphere and story. All voice acting will be professionally recorded, of course. :)