Orgarhythm iphone

Title: Orgarhythm
Platform:  Vita
Developer : Acquire
Publisher:  Xseed Games
TL;DR:  Promising mashup of genres that falls apart as difficulty increases
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The game has a terrifically catchy soundtrack that changes up often enough not to get repetitive. The game starts off feeling highly addictive, I’d personally compare the level of polish when the game is working well to that of the Rayman Legends demo’s music level. When you’re on a roll, successfully steamrolling your enemies by keeping up with the beat of the music, the game is not only addictive but feels like a brilliantly crafted and guided experience.

The big problems start showing up when you get around half way through the games six hour main campaign. The main issue is that as the difficulty of the game increases, the two genres begin to blend less and less cohesively. You’ll start getting overrun by enemies and drowned by overly complex melodies that make it difficult to accurately tell which thread of the audio you’re meant to be following to strengthen your squad. Later levels also have gaps of twenty to thirty seconds without any enemies, which causes you to suffer a drop in troop strength just before another strong wave of enemies arrives.

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